A roof of rusted gold

america.o.p9.300As part of the renovation¬†project we will be re-thatching the Cottage and restoring Blake’s ‘roof of rusted gold’, as he once wrote in a letter from the village of Felpham to a friend in London – or was he sleeping under a sheep?

3 thoughts on “A roof of rusted gold”

  1. Very informative. So many good causes. I think that with all those extra chimney pots around since Blake’s day a miniscule proportion of the council tax should be devoted to maintaining the local heritage. Or just lose it.

    1. Dear Denise,

      Thank you for your comment, wise and percipient.

      William Blake loved the Bible, and so in vain of an answer, your question becomes: Will Caesar give unto God?

      We are grateful for your support.

      with great regards

      Tim Heath
      Chair of the Blake Cottage Trust

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